K. Karkinen

Katri Karkinen

Dr. Soc. Sciences,

M. Sc. of Agriculture and Forestry (animal production)
- Market studies in China and India
- Development projects in Zambia and Russian Karelia
- Multidisciplinary research teams in Russia: Koivuselkä Village and Taiga Model Forest project

Dr. Soc. Sciences
-Dissertation about fur farming families
-Lecturer in social policy, Univ. of Eastern Finland
-Teacher, adult education institute: family history

Publications and presentations in English:

Katri Karkinen (2022):
"Early dairy maids 1867-1900 in Finland and the butter."
XV Nordic Labour History Conference. Zoom meeting 28.1.2022.
Presentation, PDF,   Paper, PDF.

Vonne Lund, Grahame John Coleman, Stefan Gunnarsson, Michael Calvert Appleby, and Katri Karkinen 2007:
"Animal welfare science - working at the interface between the natural and social sciences."
Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 97(1),37-49.
link to sciencedirect

Katri Karkinen (2009):
"The Finnish fur farmer impaled in social change."
Doctoral Dissertation, Social Sciences, University of Joensuu.
Abstract in English, PDF.
Link to the publication in Finnish, PDF


List of publications in Finnish can be found here.


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